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Oh, and before I get going, heading the post is Jada on BS Xtra (Smile TV3) in January 2015, and just above, Camilla Jayne in one of the channel’s late 2012 ads for Babestation X. Whilst the Babestation brand was new to Freeview, Babestation had of course been the first UK babeshow on Sky, inaugurating in December 2002.

Babestation had also arguably trialled on Freeview between September 2008 and March 2009.

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However, on the night of 27th to 28th August 2009, two new channels began transmitting: one simply called Babestation, which carried the programme Babestation 2 on Channel 42, and the other one allocated to Channel 37 and called Smile TV3.

THE BIRTH OF SMILE TV3 The first programme to occupy Smile TV3 was actually an attempt by Babestation to recapture the cult appeal of its Freeview trial show, Party Girls.

But because it used the alias Party Girls and broadcast as a separate transmission from the main Sky show, it could also fairly be argued that the trial was a different programme, which just happened to be staffed and run by Babestation.

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Although we went near the closing time, the owner & we're not like that, here's a gall.

A lot of uninitiated viewers didn’t know what to make of the babe channels when they first began to gain a foothold on the Freeview platform.

Long bouts of silence, punctuated with the odd “Hi guys; my line is free and available”, were not really going to be the route one solution to generating viewer interactivity at that stage.

As we go into autumn 2015, Smile TV3 is one of the best known interactive babe channels on TV. Let’s find out…Before starting this particular journey into the annals of Babestation history, I’d have said off the top of my head that Smile TV3 had only officially carried a couple of night shows.

It broadcasts the adult phone-in show Babestation Xtra from 10pm to 5am on Freeview 173, and that’s now been the case for so long that the channel’s origins probably seem lost in the mists of time. But a rummage through a channel log and masses of old footage has revealed that actually, it’s officially hosted at least six (yep, I did say six! Just to insert a quick disclaimer, collating a post like this is a very complicated task – even with the help of a searchable text log and hundreds of DVDs. Or perhaps a little while before the beginning…BACKGROUNDBy May 2009, the number of Freeview babe channel night shows had risen to three. Party People was Freeview’s first babeshow and had been running since early spring 2006.


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