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We need to come together to shut these businesses they talk about a "chargeback from my bank years ago due to not recieving services and unauthorized charges that came on my bank statement. The website says .95 for a month and when you get you statement you will have .95-80.00 per month on your statement.Be Aware they are many People Media but the correct one for the dating sites is the one out of Arizona and California.It's not hard to find out who owns this company since it's has to be registered in every state and it headquarters at the State Accessors or Recorders office.

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All fire stations in Arizona are mandated safe havens to anonymously relinquish newborn babies younger than 72 hours with no questions asked.

If the baby is unharmed, there is no risk of facing charges of child abuse.“Over 3,00 newborns have been saved [nationwide] since the laws have been enacted,” said Damien Johnson of the Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation, a volunteer-based organization created to raise awareness of the safe haven laws in our state.

New research from the Pew Research Center shows that in the past two years, the percentage of US adults who had used a dating app tripled.

But that doesn't mean all dating apps are created equal.


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