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She suggests these five ideas for a great first date in Kuala Lumpur: We encourage our clients to go on first dates at restaurants or cafes, especially for lunch, when it’s relaxed, informal, and you’re meeting on neutral ground.The momentum of a lunch date is a more suitable way to determine suitability with your date.In this glam world, all the celebs are under the scrutiny all the time.Their fans always stalk them on their varied social media accounts.If you wish to date non-Asians or other expats, well, hang out at the right places; Mezze at Bukit Damansara, Fuego, Marini's and other expat focused places.

From its first office in Singapore, Lunch Actually has now expanded to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Hong Kong.

And there is no exception with our sportsmen as well!

Even they are celebs in their own way and are followed by one and all.

Do Check Out: A Guy Shared His Classmate's Story On Twitter And It's Really Heartbreaking Their pictures tell us that they know each other for quite a long time now.

In fact, many of their pics date back to the starting of last year (2016) when India toured the West Indies.


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