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I suspect that’s the real culprit here, that for whatever reason you see women as a special category of pairing, independent of all other bonds you have, and resulting from a specialized search. A love that satisfies is one that combines much of what is good and rewarding in your other relationships into one source, someone who also has that fuller appreciation of you.Recently, a client sent over a spreadsheet of his resultswith online dating.That’s another reason why dating is a numbers game. To increase your numbers and your probability of finding love, use dating tools.

People will like some things about one house and other things about another. So you just have to keep trying.” Getting started can be scary. Rejection is a good thing because it’s proof you’re trying. It takes practice to flirt, ask someone out, get their number and be comfortable with the whole dating process. Don’t you deserve another shot at presenting your best self?

The concept is simple – the more dates you go on, the more chances you have of finding a good match.

Is my outlook completely distorted and pessimistic?

After working with thousands of online daters for nearly a decade, I’ve found that there is no average.

There are too many variables, like which platform you’re on, and who you’re choosing to message.


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