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According to Rainfall Films official blog post, the director used "VHS transfers and scanned 16mm film stock" to give the film that retro look.Balcomb points out that he wanted an aesthetic for the movie. Check out the 12-minute film below: For all intents and purposes, this is a fan film, and it was not made in cooperation with Nintendo.If you don’t own an X-box () you’ve probably seen her spreads for Sony, Maxim, or FHM.Chobot is one of the most widely recognized female game journalists in the business, and good news, there is even more Chobot on the way. I’ve relocated back to the LA sunshine, getting ready to debut G4’s Proving Ground to the masses and prepping for E3 2011.

Hell, the more "fun" RPS articles tend to involve innuendo and really awkward (yet humorous) jokes, but "nobody" goes on a rant that RPS is nothing but a joke site. I think the concept is really nifty and I have no idea what she has ever done.As for how I was approached to do it, I did what everyone else had to: audition. I had gotten hit by a car () in San Fran just a few days before and almost passed on the audition because I was in pain, tired and just looked like crap.Then I thought about it a bit and figured: nothing ventured, nothing gained.If done well, I never notice what writer is doing the writing but it results in a good article (just like I never notice what music is playing, but it serves to improve the experience).I just took offense at the trend that was continuing and then the hilarious statement about her not being allowed to complain because she was asking for it or whatever. I think the concept is really nifty and I have no idea what she has ever done.Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot does a live Minecraft Twitch stream that we recorded and cut for You Tube.


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